Community Resources


Below you will find a list of community resources for you and your family.

Recreational Activities

Parent Help-Line

Community Counseling Services

Immediate Responders

Living Assistance

Recreational Activities (back to top)

Visit our school’s website for a comprehensive list of local recreational and educational family friendly venues.

Parent Help-Line (back to top)

Caring for children can be very stressful. If you or your partner feel overwhelmed and/or angry with your child, pick up the phone and call the The National Parent Help-Line at 1-855- 4A PARENT ((1-855-427-2736). They offer 24 hour confidential support for parents and guardians when they’re feeling stressed or just need someone to talk to.

There is also a local anonymous parent help-line (892-2172) through Parents Anonymous of Buffalo and Erie County. Additionally, they provide in-home family support, as well as parent and youth groups. They are located at: 60 Dingens Street, Buffalo, NY 14206.

Community Counseling Services (back to top)

Agency Location Phone Number
Baker Victory Services Lackawanna 828-9651
Catholic Charities Various locations 856-4494
Child and Adolescent Treatment Services (CATS) Various locations 835-7807
Life Transitions Center Cheektowaga 836-6460
Spectrum Human Services

WNY Psychotherapy

Lakeshore Behavioral Health

Various locations

Orchard Park

Various locations




Click here for a comprehensive list of New York State’s mental health/mental hygiene support services, as well as general information on the topic.

Immediate Responders (back to top)

Agency Phone Number
Crisis Services (Parents and Youth) 716-898-3462
Spectrum Cares 716-882-4357
Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) 716-834-3131
Child Protective Services (CPS) 1-800-635-1522
Your Family Pediatrician ————
Click here for a list of more crisis services in WNY

Living Assistance (back to top)

For housing, utility, food, health insurance, birth certificates and vital records, photo ID, and elderly supports, visit This resource will explain each assistance program and direct you to access in your local community. (Look in the top left corner of their website for tabs to click on for applicable support, as well as the far bottom for additional links).