About Our District School Counseling Department


Consistent throughout our district are four school counselors passionate about their students’ success. Along with me at our K-8 building, Jill Boals is school counselor for grades 5-8. She heads our Elementary and Junior Honor Societies, and has built a strong collaboration with our Home and Career Department to develop a comprehensive guidance curriculum that emphasis life skills and career readiness.

At our high school, Liz Mastomatteo and Brandon Woods continue our cumulative school counseling approach with greater focus on post-secondary education attainment. Throughout their four years, our high school students will have the opportunity to partake in at least three college visits and multiple on-site college nights, with the guiding, compassionate preparation of this strong duo.

Pick a grade level, and you’ll find a GCCS school counselor who holds the same beliefs and mission, as their counterparts.

Philosophical Statement

The counselors in Global Concepts Charter School believe:

The counselors in the Global Concepts Charter School District believe:

  • All stakeholders (students, parents, educators, administrators, and community members) have dignity and worth
  • All stakeholders have the right to participate in the school counseling program
  • All stakeholders’ ethnic, cultural, racial, sexual differences and special needs are considered in planning and implementing the school counseling program
  • All stakeholders shall have access to a full-time, state-certified, master’s-degree-level school counselor to deliver the counseling program

And that the Global Concepts Charter School comprehensive school counseling program should:

  • Be based on specified goals and developmental student competencies for all students K-12
  • Be planned and coordinated by school counseling teams in coordination with other stakeholders
  • Utilize the many combined resources of the community to deliver programs
  • Use data to drive program development and evaluation
  • Be evaluated by a counseling supervisor on specified goals and agreed upon student competencies
  • Actively involve counseling team members to monitor students’ results

And that all counselors in Global Concepts Charter School:

  • Abide by the professional school counseling ethics as advocated by the American School Counselor Association
  • Participate in professional development activities essential to maintain a quality school counseling program

Mission Statement  (top of page)

The mission Global Concepts Charter School Counseling Department is to support the overall mission of Global Concepts Charter School, which isto provide a top-quality educational program wherein students:

  • achieve high academic results;
  • are geared toward higher education and career opportunities;
  • become responsible, caring family and community members;
  • are highly knowledgeable of the multicultural world they are part of;
  • and possess and possess the qualities and problem solving skills to collaborate peacefully in the community and worldwide.”

We will accomplish this by providing a collaborative K-12 school counseling program, according to the National Standards established by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). This data informed program will deliver a comprehensive K-12 core curriculum, intentional guidance services, and supplemental activities to every student, in a structured, nurturing, and engaging environment that facilitates confidence to overcome challenges and pursue goals. Our facilitative support system will provide parents, community members, fellow educators, and district administrators with the assurance that students will be equipped to become productive members of the local and global communities.

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