Direction of Take C.A.R.E. Coaching


I. The VISION of the TCC approach is for children and caretakers to thrive within environments that are nurturing, engaging, challenging, and safe to grow within.

II. The MISSION of the TCC approach is to form interconnected communities, where members (students, parents, educators, and mentors) are interpersonally and intrapersonally connected. This will be achieved by:

1.Teaching emotional literacy;

2.Fostering emotional regulation;

3.Building self-esteem, self-efficacy, persistence and resilience; and

4.Developing critical thinking skills,

All within an atmosphere of hope.


1.TCC’s first goal is for every child to be able to demonstrate mastery with the following “CARES” goals:




Empathy, and


2.TCC’s second goal is for every caretaker to be able to attune to their children’s needs and coach their children toward “CARES” success.

IV. There are three (3) TCC OBJECTIVES that are tailored to optimally function for any relationship or setting. Contact Ms. Thompson for more information.