StarWalk Kids Reader TM!


We are so excited to announce that GCCS has subscribed to a nonfiction ebooks based website for our teachers and students called StarWalk Kids Reader TM, by StarWalk Kids Media. We have extended rights to this site, which has already been installed on all of the new GCCS iPads.

For use at home, the StarWalk Reader app can be downloaded for free from iTunes or from Google Play. Your child should log in using this format:

Username: johnsmith (first and last name); Password: global

Below you’ll find a diagram to help you and your child navigate the app, as well as a brief YouTube video for the same purpose. Should you have questions or experience any difficulties, Mrs. Marianne Aldrich is happy to assist you. Happy reading!

Reader Spider Diagram

4th Grade Bucket Filler Challenge!


To wrap up the Bully Prevention unit, fourth graders are partaking in a bucket filling challenge, based upon the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids, by Carol McCloud and David Messing. They have learned that people, as well as animals, have invisible buckets that hold good thoughts and feelings about themselves. Over the next few weeks, they will be practicing being bucket fillers by showing kindness to others and learning that this is also a great way to fill their own buckets too! This is opposed to being bucket dippers, or bullies, who dip into others’ buckets in order to make themselves feel better (which never works).

Check out the book below and consider purchasing it for your child’s home library by clicking on the books title above.